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Oh yes beautiful its nice wow i am on team penpin ok thats beautiful thankk you 9 p eff ess
oh yes wow its paradise can I rent a room here for a grand yeah thanks I will pay the water bill as well!
Not to forget the electricity bill!

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Why that face? Come on! You are making tons of money by letting people stay at your paradise! let me hug them penguins!

oh and let me sleep with them.

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I think the FDA would object to that

Yes I would agree. but let me sleep with them
I will pay a million if one of them get injured under my care.
Unless they purposely do injure themselves.

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What if they injure you?

Then they will suffer…
and let me tell you it won’t be fun.

DON’T HURT THE PENGUINS!!! :scream: makes this public

hmm can i be a pingĂĽino

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Yes, just join the team-penguins group here.

Wait, I am? looks around

@MiloCat Thanks for fixing that, lol

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