YouTube Video Downloader!

YouTube Video Downloader - Replit

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neat I usually use something sketchy like ssyoutube


Dude I need this I usually use anonymous yt proxy to download vids


Lol same thats why I made this

rn I’m on a secret alt so I can’t fork :augh:

And if you make the fork a private Repl, you can download all you videos privately!

Lol I posted before i saw

this is amazing thank you so much

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Used to use YT2MP3, this could be a good replacement. Can it download as MP3 or just MP4?

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I found this interesting article on YouTube content downloading:

Btw, I don’t care if you Repl is breaking any rules, just saw this article that’s all.

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since you’re a policeguy I thought you’d arrest JayAySeaOhBee14 :kekw:

I’m only an anti-python police. And anyway I have no clue how to arrest :skull:

jay made this in python!

  1. grab your hand cuffs


next: put jay in it


finally: send to court


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i’m just kidding and also this might be off topic so I hope this doesn’t get deleted

yes I wanna know too @JayAySeaOhBee14

this isn’t Ask, and AFAIK off-topic discussions are allowed here but sometimes moved to a new topic

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Only MP4 but you can just rename it to .mp3 if you have that enabled

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It is best to use ffmpeg to convert media files. Otherwise, some players may not recognize them.

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idk but sonicx180 was deleted once because of off topicness (9pfs) and also for the mp3 thing I looked at the documentation (there is only but no way to download with mp3) so I asked perplexity and it told me to do some other nonsense that didn’t involve pytube but instead it used youtube-dl and I tried adding that with nix but it just didn’t work so I asked perplexity to use pytube but it then told me that it doesn’t exist which would have been helpful but it’s fine because it’s not like I spent that long because I got bored just trying to find stuff about downloading but anyways yeah it doesn’t exist with pytube at all

edit: oh

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just realised I have more followers than you :nefarious:

hmm you do have more followers than JayAySeaOhBee14 (and me :augh:) or are you talking about someone else

JayAySeaOhBee14 and you I guess. I got a lot of spam followers

oof spam followers are the worst

excpet the people who do it legit