Youtube Livestream

I had an idea after watching some videos on youtube that I could make a game that is powered by the youtube livestream chat. But I am not sure about two things:

  • How do I get access to the current livestream chat in real time?
  • How do I run the stream headlessly (without having OBS or another software open) preferably on a raspberry pi?

I hope to use the OBS function (or maybe another software) where I can embed a browser window, and maybe use a for the data-fetching part.
Thank you


You would probably need a youtube data api key from the Google Cloud Console

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That I figured out, but the real issue is the streaming part

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You mean like twitch plays Pokémon?

Kind of like that, yes

Why not just use websocket :nefarious:

Because I want to hurt my brain by using YouTube

Isn’t YouTube already hurting everyone’s brains with the endless ads?


Counter point: Revanced.

UBO works on other websites and desktop