"you can always see emotion in text", but you can't

Anyone who always thinks this is clearly a f*cking idiot

  1. Not all text has obvious emotions, because you can’t see the person’s face or hear their tone. If I was to speak on a voice call, you could hear my tone of voice
  2. You have to understand, not everyone can fully grasp text (it’s why we have tone indicators, which I don’t fully understand but the reason we use them can make sense). I don’t have autism, but others here do.

So please, don’t be a d*ck if people ask if you’re joking or don’t assume someone is trying to be an ass when they’re not.


Hallo /th

I will kill your family (/th if your stupid)


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oh I didn’t read op at all

also, what does “half-joking” even mean, the point of tone indicators is to help people understand tone, but half-joking doesn’t mean anything and makes it more confusing lol

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i think it’s for when you’re joking but also wanna imply some seriousness, i.e.

Bob wasn’t being 100% serious, he was also joking around with Alice at the same time.

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Half joking just means you are joking, but you actually meant what you said to some extent.

For example, I could say, “Anirudh is a prick and I hate him /hj,” and while I dont hate him, he still annoys me.


was it supposed to save you embarrassment if you get rejected or something?? I still don’t get it


Well I mean it could but all it really means is you are joking but still mean what you say to some extent.

For example:

Because while that is obviously a joke, there might be some truth behind it.


this feels random

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this whole forum is random