Who plays sports

I play football and basketball


I play Baseball

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I play soccer and do running

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I played a little football when I lived in Brazil, but I mostly play basketball and run now (if doing it once every couple of weeks counts as playing the sport)


soccer or football?

I said football; make of it what you will.

my guy. Think. Use ur brain

it’s called soccer in America & Football everywhere else. Does he live in America?

that’s your answer

why is it downvoted ;-;


it’s also called soccer in Australia, MattMattMatt confirmed

i play batminton, i’m only a beginner tho :confused:

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I should probably say, it’s because Australia has their own weird football.

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I love to play coding sports
There are no rules other than don't destroy the world
You must do coding

@neoroll I do Cross Country Running.

Badminton, and Robotics if that counts (we have to use Java)

Who forces you to? They need shot (at least with a marble, maybe with a cannonball)

Same, at school

I dunno, at least that part isn’t here yet. (all we have to do right now is just brainstorming)

Cricket and Biking are sports i do. Once School starts imma start Fencing

I play basketball(A bit) and soccer Or European football