Who Is This "SharkCoding"?

Some sHaRk guy passed me and is taking my sPoTlIgHt



Summons @SharkCoding

summons @dolphinnotcodoing

hes never online tho

Who is this “Victor.AMC”? GRrGrRGr

dude all you have to do is post like once a week and you will pass me lol


bro do you know who Victor is? We havent even met yet.

i think hes on iogames forum

lol. Victor ur an iogames immigrant… you can not be talking right now…

oops replied to you accidentally meant to reply to OP

SharkCoding is an og Ask TL3. He was a TL3 on Ask long before AMC was a thing. Pretty knowledgeable too.


I think he joined slightly after me

summons @globalwarming

summons @notglobalcooling

summons @joebidenn

*summons @python660 (AMC president)

someone keeps changing my title :rage:

sounds like a skill issue

Thats what you get from becoming President

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