Which cat am I?

I noticed that the orange flames and the red cape make it hard to see the cat when it’s a tiny zoomed out profile picture. Which cat will I be?







Personally I’m leaning towards #2 or #4 but all of these are stunning. The butterfly in #1 is amusing. #6 is there mostly for fun. I don’t really want to be a cartoon.

Which cat?
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Very similar to #2 lol. AI had to get its info somewhere.

do 4 cuz it’s the cutest :slight_smile: also cheeze-it singularity

It is important to recognize the presence of the Cheez-it singularity. I have chosen that picture. Really I like all of them. The second is probably too zoomed out to be an effective profile picture but I really like it. I am now the Worthy Cat who keeps the Cheez-it singularity at bay.

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nice variations:)

#4 is definetly gonna look a lot better zoomed out-these all look super awesome, though! You should make something cool for your profile banner as well


I’ve decided on this. It is just about perfect: the look on its face, the hammer, the shield (the AI had some pretty screwy results but I didn’t share those ones).


Screwy creations like this 5-legged cat

And this half-melted hammer

why is everyone turning into cats

I was already a cat. :man_facepalming:

Exactly what I was wondering…


Imma use my inner snake and suffocate you /j

I’ll feast on your food

Only @Steve does that

Hi! That’s right. I shall eat all of @python660’s food!

you have no voice here you dumb burger cats are taking over