When should I decorate for christmas?

when should i add the transparent Christmas has png on my pfp

After Thanksgiving ofc.

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After my birthday.


can i get my crown now? You wait, Imma show off my crown first before you can decorate your tree.

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Yes, decorate now!

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put it on july 27, 2024.5

What kind of year is that? The fifth month of 2024? That would be May not July :kekw:

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.5 is half, which is June and July. So maybe June 30ish?

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do you guys not specify years with decimals?
get better

july 27, 2024. 5th parallel universe.

No we are Americans and Americans don’t use decimals to specify years. Sounds metric or Spanish to me. I know in Spanish 1,000,000 is actually 1.000.000 and 1.5 is 1,5. Are you currently living in the United States?

I think this is the most reasonable explanation.

light mode?!?!?!?!?!

don’t worry, it’s for a justifiable reason

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Doxr I do in the year 2090.000093 you will

enjoy 2023.11 :D

i am at school at 5 when school ends at 3 and there are more people now then when school starts.

If this is year 2090.000093 im worried about 2023.11

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