What's up with the profiles?

What’s going on with the profiles?

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The forum is currently experiencing a major series of nasty bugs. We are aware of several critical issues and are looking into them. Thank you for your patience.



Theres bugs and we’re doing a rebuild.

Not rn, but eventually

No the real translation is this:

The forum server and/or software decided we were unworthy of their services and decided to destroy itself. We are attempting to beat it into submission using a combination of hacking and hardware modifications. The forum may go down while we do this but the forum is trying to take itself down and somewhat succeeding so it is irrelevant.

LOL for real though


Enable safe mode to fix everything:

It is not working for me

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It might be because I’m using an Apple Watch to see this forum

Try opening it in a new tab and then going to the profile page in that tab. Works for me.


Could be…

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