Unavailable emojis (lmao, spojibop, ohmagawd) now available

The below emojis were unavailable. Now they are.
:lmao: :spoijbop: :ohmagawd:

Here’s the culprit ^

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@9pfs how could you?

time to go get my gun

I watched the culprit as he committed this crime for the lmao emoji.

The culprit claimed that I was “over-using” the emoji, so they disabled it.


sounds like a skill issue




@doxr do we need to revoke your TL4?

no lol but why are you closing it?

Because OP closed it.

Actually Discourse automatically does on this category.

So can I open it please?

No Doxr cannot open it


doxr? I didn’t open it lol and david didn’t close it, system did

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@Firepup650 They’re actually no longer notified, I changed it because it was annoying users