The story of the way I got banned from

So basically:

  1. On the 9th of May, I was silenced for 14 days (not following forum rules)
  2. I had repeatively sent messages in the Silence warning PM.
  3. After 30 min slow mode was triggered in SIlence Warning, I had created another PM. Then, invited staff, and removed.
  4. Afterwards, then I created another PM asking if there was a way out of it,
    and BAM I am suspended. The end.

(I hid my card before the suspension btw)


I have great sympathy for your situation. However, I am simply writing this reply to test something for my friend. Hopefully, it causes you no great offence.


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AUGUST 26TH 2023
I created an account on the forum, a new one. I knew I was suspeneded, but I changed.
August 28TH 2023
My new forum account was merged into my old forum account.
Also, my old account got unsuspended. The end.

They literally merged your new account to your old account and unbanned you? lol

its offense not offence lol

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 9.28.10 AM

Snake-brained brit, you sound like Manchester FC uses you as a resistance band during training

What’s wrong with that :snake: :uk:


I don’t think it’s british lol

offense is how the bean-eaters spell it

I’m going to combine the two topics into one rq

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furry-brained brit, I didn’t know that you were in GB, im chillin here in EST.

offence is how the “nye he he pour me a cup of tea good man” kids who need to go play some fortnite experience some bing take a shower acknowledge their life goals people say it

In case it didn’t get through your soccer ball skull to your bean brain my comment was directed at what you said, not where you live.

Offence is the dictionary spelling! Brits are the ones who say offense, defense, advise, exercise, etc.

offense is the best defense