(The PR) The Programmer Republic is BACK!!!!!!!!


@staff can you update the “other forums” section to link to the updated site? The old one (irc.cluster.ws) corrupted lol so its no longer reachable.

Just updated it.

Ew, PHP + you’re not the hosting provider

PHP has its uses, and aren’t you the one that really wants to use MediaWiki over Wiki.js (or other wiki softwares)?

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Good point… mediawiki’s just a lot easier to use + has lots of features

Flarum is the opposite: harder to use + less features

Not really. Have you seen Wiki.Js? So modern and sleek! I’ve ran it on glitch previously and it has so many features and stuff. I personally prefer it over mediawiki

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Flarum also has a nice UI and is great for smaller communities. Maybe not the best for communities that need to scale.

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the thin is that flarum is for discussion while mediawiki is for storing information.

Personally the look and feel of mediawiki is nicer than wiki.js but maybe a theme could fix it

This looks so good though

I sincerely doubt that supports templates

it does though iirc, have you used it before?