The OG: Vote for PY660 as president (No, seriously)

Good morning/afternoon/night, and before I start I would like to say a few words:

What I will do as president:

  1. During my term as president of the Active Member Chat, I will strive to ensure programmer-to-programmer equality and bring peace and justice to the burning war of the AMC.

Why vote for me?

  1. I am an super-OG member (in fact I’ve joined Replit and Replit Ask before most prominent users here)
    I joined Replit around March 2020, and Replit Ask on Jan 16 2023, earlier than @Firepup650, @doxr, @CoderElijah, @JayAySeaOhBee14,and just a few days after @bigminiboss

  2. I actually know coding, and not just the languages, but the problem solving skills themselves. To be good at programming, you need to be good at math, which I am superb at. For some reason, my proxies have been spread internationally, and I’m actively working against them due to my 1TB bandwidth usage.

  3. I am worthy, as shown on the “I Am Worthy” post.

  4. I boast a worthy follower-base with 67 followers, with many accomplishments on and off replit.

This ain’t Ask, that doesn’t matter.

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Prepares to :shoot: @doxr for treason

it does matter

I like you so I’ll see how long I’ll vote for you

Places the gun back on his roof

perhaps with a colt m1911?

it’s a cool gun, like the glock 19 (double pumping in fortnite is good too)

Bro, lets talk about how I joined Replit before y’all

No, this obscure gun @doxr is talking about is clearly much more interesting.

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it’s a gun that you can shoot with and yeat uses it :slight_smile: so I made one of my alts that




source: trust me bro

yes but there’s a lot more to it. You need to also know programming specific things and also make sure you know like riddles type problem solving


no really I’m expert at math,

ok what level are you at? just curious :slight_smile:

wdym? what level? You mean M-level?

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I mean like idk a quantifable level whether it be in a certain school system or perhaps the type such as algebra, calculus, etc.

well im in geo bc its the highest they offer

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oh ok how many skips is that

2, in fact the board of ed tried reducing it to 1 lol

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oh well congrats

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