It’s actually unfunny, so please stop.

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Keep the chat groups?
  • Yes
  • No
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casually admin abuses

wdym chat groups?

private groups with multiple people

If you wish to fix this bug, like this post so it will reach the Discourse contributors faster


Phew at least im not added to any

you… should not have said that.

let’s add you to the unleavable one :)

I just left :kekw:

Maybe its because I’m worthy

I think it’s fixed

No, we haven’t updated in the last few hours, so it definitely isn’t, it’s just a skill issue on @SnakeByte’s end

@SnakeByte you’re not leaving; discourse’s removing the channel from your list but as soon as there’s a message it pops back up in your list, and db or whatever shows you never left afaik (so it might be discourse skill issue but fsnake skill issue funnier)

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I muted the chat group :kekw:

You can like this post so it will be fixed faster :stuck_out_tongue:

it was bolked :cry:

Why not use your linux system to access Meta?

i could access it on my chromebook if i didn’t accidentally block the wifi nextdns DNS nameservers was on (I’m too lazy to put it on the one I’m using now)

Frrrrr I dont want to be in them anymore