SnakeyKing's Presidental Campaign

Please vote for me.
I am a serious businessman dude who likes to write random professional code.
I am very trustable and smart.

Interesting stuff about me:

  • I read books
  • I play the piano
  • I hate TV
  • I like maths and physics

Programming languages I know:

  • Python
  • C++
  • Bash
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript (is better than JS)

Programming languages that are bad I don’t prefer:

  • C (I can’t live without OOP)
  • Java (too many keywords and stuff)
  • PHP (don’t even get me started on the variables)
  • Ruby (one of those languages that uses keywords to contain code)

wth, are you gen alpha?

I am too but I watch TV kinda

Where’s python??? :thinking:

If you don’t put python, I won’t vote for you

Please look carefully

No, he means that Python is supposed to be in the languages you hate. He is APSP :no_python: :slight_smile:


Is This A President Of United States?

Hehe don’t try that:

Knowing Python is fine, but you didn’t put it in the bad list.

Precisely, thanks @OmegaOrbitals

no it’s just the AMC president

I know. I’m just harrasing joking with him :slight_smile:

why do you think that?

see gen alpha is glued to their phones, so they don’t watch tv

then again gen z is too

… and so is my mom

yeah nvm no one watches tv anymore :frowning:

I’m gen alpha, and we don’t have a TV in our house.

And no, we’re not glued to our phones all the time.