SnakeByte runs for president!

Hi guys I’ve decided to run as president for the next election.

I will do the following things if I win the election:

  • Listen to your needs and concerns, and raise them to staff/appropriate members

  • Hopefully release upgrades for @StatsBot

  • @doxr is sus :amongus:

  • Continue hating Python :no_python:

  • Continue hating Python :no_python:

  • Continue hating Python :no_python:

  • Delete Python completely :no_python:

Ok ig thats it. dont expect any more than that because thats what you get frmo ur current paid busness plan

I cannut exsept reesponsibilitee for any dammij los or adverce conseqwences that may arrize from the use of the informashun produkts or servises provyded wile I aim to offir acurut and helpfull informashun to the best of my noleg and abillitees it is essentshul to understan that the aplikashun of this informashun is at your discretshun and risk it is advisable to exersize due dilijens consult with relavent ekspurts or profeshunals and carefuly consyder the implicaashuns of any decishuns or axshuns you undertak by engaging with the informashun or servises I provyde you acknowlidj and axsept this disclamer and you agre that I am not lyable for any potentshul dammijes or negatif outkums that may resalt from your choyses or surcumstanses your decishuns and axshuns are ultimatly your own and I inkuraje you to take persanol responsabilitee for them.

:star2: :sparkles: :star_struck: Special offer: :star2: :sparkles: :star_struck: $1.99 monthly free payments donation for 1 day warranty and gaurantee all included no hidden feez

thanks for watching like and subs comment if you like help me reach 50bil subs ty

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will there be cheesy breadsticks

Sure, if you want. But you must vote for me…

for the breadsticks!!!

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