Signing up with a VPN is no longer allowed (some exceptions)

In an effort to reduce trolls and punishment evasion we have made the following changes:

  • Signing up with a VPN will immediately have your account to be disabled. You’lll need to email to ensure that you are a real user.
  • Signing up with a disposable email will have your account disabled instantly. We have various ways of checking this but we won’t reveal them so you can’t bypass it

You can login to your account with a VPN, but you may no longer sign up with one. Changing your email to a throwaway email will also lock you out.


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Very precise time. Also very helpful for the people in Asia and Australia who have no idea what time it is in the US.


it’s ok night is when it gets dark you don’t need a time for that

For people in Eurasia, it is between 2023-09-30T01:30:00Z2023-09-30T12:00:00Z.

hopefully this corrects to others? Idk


me with a throwaway email that I got locked of by gmail

image image


It will. Thanks for adding that translation


Please check your IP address here

If it says one of the following:

  • Search Engine Spider
  • Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Commercial
  • Organization

New accounts from these types will be blocked within 6 hours.

  1. VPN literally cannot be detected (especially for self-hosted ones)
  2. Temp emails also cannot be detected (especially for self-hosted ones)
  3. Why tho? Why crack down on this? This does not make sense.
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  1. Yes we can? A majority of VPNs fall under the commercial or datacentre ASN type, so it’s not hard to block them. Self-hosted VPNs, like if you host it at home and you connect to school is fine, but we aim to block VPN connections from places like ProtonVPN or IPvanish, not you proxying your traffic through your house (I do this myself, actually).
  2. Yes we can. I spent about 3 hours gathering temporary email server data. We take the domain of the temporary emails and trace the IP back to the server and block it that way.
    GitHub - aboutdavid/0shade: 0shade: No more throwaway emails
    Even if it’s not on the list, temporary emails are usually nonsensical (i.e. or, and when we find a new one that slipped through the cracks, we update it
  3. We’ve had several troll accounts and ban-evaders. Over the past month, we’ve banned 8 of them already.

That site is very innacurate cow. It said I was in a city on the other side of my state!

Bad Cow!