Show Off your SB account Here

yeah, I’m pretty “popular”


I find 17h a little hard to believe. Must be less. Anyhow:

I am #33 for the week

woah, nice job!

wheres my good job :C

Hey I’m now #673 all time instead of #750!

u need to show ur XP not ur all time ranking


i thought a lil more but still okay

games played: some
xp: probably 0
stabs: 200 probably
skins owned: 0
Play time: <1h
Profile views: 69420

how would u have 200 stabs and 0 Xp? :skull:

1 coin in game gives u 5 XP

I’m less than proud of this but whatever

I played the game but I don’t have an account so I tried to generally make up stats

If you don’t use an account there are less ads I think. Of course, you can’t save your progress across multiple devices without an account either. Accounts might be worth it.

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