school assignments be like


teacher: and remember this final test is worth 150% of your grade and next year’s grade too, also counts as the grade for three generations after you

@Qwerty the answer is with a complete sentence(s) it literally says Answer so the sentence after is the answer. Try clicking on that. (Impossible Quiz big brain).

I already submitted “False” and it was correct btw

oh my gosh



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um I submitted it so I can’t see it anymore but basically it’s for music so there are 4 different thingies (very good description IkIk) each labelled A, B, C, and D

then as you can see in column B each of those letters are assigned another letter but D and C are swapped

then you need to connect the sentences to each of those letters under column B

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I swear I’m not in preschool guys


Nah, the right answer is “c” because it’s a crescent.

@Qwerty what are those tests be for? Geometry, I know geometry has shapes in it (I would know since I am taking Geometry this year)?

it’s art class…

you have a gigachad teacher because they teach you two subjects in one class and give you no homework, respect

art is about shape though…? so how is it more than one class?

and that WAS homework? well kinda? Idk what counts as homework when you hybrid

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it was a joke :sad: and shapes === math

:pika_facepalm: bruh

not necessarily???

I have never seen anyone say shapes is related to math before saying it is to art

I dothe work at home, does that not make it homework?

work at home !== homework it’s homework when the teacher says it is and

but geometry

well the teacher didn’t say it wasn’t

I hate my life


just go back lol


“in a row”