quick ai question

so I have a weird idea, I want to make (train?) an ai model thing so I have a prompt (directions for a song) and you get back a text response with a song that heavily resembles say yeat’s songs

so basically I kind of want to have a mix of openai’s models (or well like how gpt 3 functions) with a songwriter and have it read multiple files with a songwriter’s songs and the model learns (is trained on?) the patterns of the song and now can create yeat songs based on a user’s prompt

so how would I do this? not very familiar with ai so idk how to do this or if text based models even work like how I think they work

This would probably be illegal somehow (not to mention unethical)

how the hell is making yeat singing about deez nuts and random things illegal and unethical

… ever heard of copyright law and things like that?

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it’s only gonna be used personally, not distributed, and this question also extends to basically creating your own ai model based on information you give

Do you have lots of GPUs and/or money?

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gpu: no

money: nope

Then how will you train an LLM?

idk, why do you think I asked amc

Ok heres what you need to do.

1.Go to DarkShayan as he is under 9pfs’s bed
2.Join the army and request a tax of 1 GPU from 9pfs
3.Start running with your brand new not stolen GPU

Hows that for unetichal Please note: Their might not even be a GPU

Also what about a TPU?

@doxr do you have $$$? If so, then get ChatGPT Plus and make a chatbot. If not, try to find a hugging face model that does what/kind of what you need to do. Also, can’t you just give a different prompt? Also, 2, if you trained a bot, you would need a spare GPU and a lot of money to pay for the training cost on the various websites. (Ff I remember correctly, X, formerly Twitter, charges around $60k)

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no you need to go to @TheHackerDude1083’s location at amazon and ‘inherit’ a GPU

Phind is free

I love phind, but he needs to make and train his own ai