Put any funny things you or your friends have experienced here

My friend’s cousin was recorded causing a crime at 2am:

I’m gonna edit it soon to make it meme-worthy. Edited version coming soon.

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He fell in the pool lol

That’s not a crime

…AHA I know that now you use verizion and you listen to Who Dat? and you are good with charging and don’t like screens to bright but are ok with listening to loud music

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@doxr That was my friends tablet… lol
Tomorrow ill send a photo of my tablet / computer / desk and see what you can figure out about me.

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Put that on America’s Funniest Videos. At bare minimum you get a t-shirt but you could win up to 100K USD.

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I dont have a funny video because friends didn’t have any security cameras but I know something that was pretty funny. :sad: Just imagine what happened in the video by RedCoder but on a 35 foot high zip line…