PSA: Don't be dumb and dox your teachers online

…Or anyone, for that matter

To recap: One of our former members posted their teacher’s name, address, a picture of her house, children, husband, IP address, and more information as a Presidential Election campaign. Now, on Ask, they make a thread asking for us to let them back on.

This member said it was a school assignment. Hard to believe, but sometimes teachers make up crazy assignments so for the sake of this argument, let’s believe them.

Okay so they were justified to find this information, but that still does not answer the question, why post it here? As one put it:

Then they said they didn’t share that information and “where did I put it?!?!?!”


You put it in the repl. Right here

Funnily enough, you thought adding the comment “redact” would help lmao.

So of course we emailed the school, since a lot of people on AMC would harass that teacher (and doing that is bad and you should be punished).

Apparently that did something…


Anyways, that’s what happened to boston2029 and PSA: don’t be dumb


lol did the teacher or administration respond?

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yes, i called them also but they never told the outcome

this is the outcome

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hmm that. is awfully suspicious.

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is that good or bad?


Update: huh, why did you report that I committed a crime where the server is located? I’m so mad :angry:

The school already had her info. :pika_facepalm:

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This is why we don’t allow children onto forums

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