Please, stop with the sniffing

Dear AMC Community,

We hope you’re all doing well! We’ve noticed a fun trend in our community lately – the “sniffing” craze. We’re all about fostering a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere here.

While we understand that “sniff” has become a quirky part of our community culture, we just want to remind everyone to be respectful and considerate. We’re all in for fun and humor, but let’s ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.

We appreciate that most of you enjoy this lighthearted interaction, and if that’s the case, carry on! But, remember, let’s keep it within the bounds of fun and not spam the general chat.

If, at any point, someone does feel uncomfortable with it, please be mindful and respectful. Our community thrives on the fact that we’re all in this together, so let’s maintain the friendly spirit.

Thanks for making AMC such a unique and vibrant place to be.

Warm regards,
AMC Team


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