🇮🇱 Please Pray for Israel 🇮🇱

I know how important being SFW on this forum is to us, and I will try to be as appropriate as possible, however this issue is deeply important to me and I wanted to take some time to share my thoughts on the matter.

For those of you who don’t know, Israel is currently under attack by savage terrorists. While people in Israel were reflecting 1 day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War ending, and while celebrating Sukkot, on October 7th, The terrorist group known as “Hamas” sent over 400 missiles at Israel, then came in and viciously attacked women and children in their own homes. They have kiled 27 Americans, and over 1300 Israeli’s, while taking hundreds of hostages, some possibly being American. Here are some videos you can watch for more information:

While all of this is happeneing in Israel, it can really set your priorities in check, and help you realize what is truly important. Please take some time to pray for the people of Israel, the hundreds of hostages, and the Americans that are trapped- trying to get home.

And just when things cant get worse, people in America have been protesting their support for Hamas, saying their kiling of innocent civilians, women, and children was justified.


You may think this is far off and doesnt affect you, however this is a green light for other terrorists across the globe. In America, the Biden Administration has allowed over 150 known terrorists into our country illegally, with many more crossing through undetected.

Please stay safe and much love,



I will pray for Israel.


So my parents don’t want me to talk about this too much; it’s just that the internet is a wide place and I am not of age to publicly speak of this stuff. What I will say publicly: I really do hope that this stops. People are dying and the parents of children and the children of parents perish every day. Please don’t try to assume anything from this. @staff is there a way to make my old version inaccessible? I want it to be more private.

Praying that this stops,
Izaan Shaik


I am team israel, here are some videos of the gaza strip:

Civilian building targetted by missiles:

Some more civilian building targetted by missiles:

The gaza strip at night after the first day:

Some aftermath:

Northern Jerusalem after Hamas invaded:

More civilian buildings:

Hasmas fighters parachuting into an Israeli city:



The White House confirms that 27 Americans were killed in Israel, and 14 U.S. nationals are still missing.

The death toll for Israeli’s is now at 1300, with over 3 thousand injured.

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NOOO!!! is there any way people in the US can Fund Israel to help?

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The US is providing some resources although IDK to what extent.

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Thanks for informing me


https://www.jdc.org/ if you want to donate money. I do know that US is sending support in materials, not sure about money though.

Not gonna take sides but hope peace is restored :pensive: :saluting_face:


god says even if isreal is in war they will win


lol meanwhile qwerty and jacob arguing about the conflict

Nah bro we are past that :pensive:

32 Americans have been confirmed dead in Israel and another 11 U.S. citizens are unaccounted for, State Department spokesperson Matt Miller said Thursday.

There have now been over 1500 civillian deaths in Israel.

2 American hostages were released by Hamas though.

I feel bad for both sides :frowning: (civilians)