Phaser setup w/ node

can someone tell me how to setup nodejs with phaser3 and expressjs like swordbattle v1. I know that it’s frontend uses ‘import phaser’ from the client, even though phaser is installed on the server


i think i have this set up i’ll send a zip containing the project in a second

here’s the zip Wormhole - Simple, private file sharing

why not just upload it onto replit

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i had the project on glitch but it got suspended for unknown reasons, i tried to contact support but got an employee that only referred me to a rule i didn’t break

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If you have an account on the pubnix, you could maybe run it on there


i could try to run it on replit or pubnix but i’m probably just going to continue developing it locally

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You can run vscode and chromium/firefox on the pubnix, so you could work on it on there (and then you’d be able to let us test it without having to set up port forwarding, and if you want the world to be able to access it, that could easily be set up)


I’d prefer a step by step guide on making it

can u write a step by step guide on making it pls

basically just run the server file and make sure the proper things are installed

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