Oneboxer, an easy way to create nice oneboxes on Discourse!


Yeah that happened to me for some reason when posting this topic, working with @9pfs about it

For now use the URL (…)

(i had to use the url, don’t say that i just oneboxed)

See, there’s actually no reason why it should be blocking what you’re posting, perhaps it’s text in the thing you’re trying to post.


^ is fine, but if you add +l, it blocks it.

That’s weird, any idea why that happens?

I would say the filter doesn’t like how long it is, but +a is fine to add to the end.

Also, the phrase a+l doesn’t exists in the blocked word list, so…

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guess that’s an L for AMC

I don’t know what it is, because +l doesn’t give a result either.

You should add support for redirecting to a user-provided URL if the link is clicked

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Side note: The original issues with this will no longer occur. It was do to a watched word that had a bunch of asterisks in it, so it ended up matching longer phrases.


This could also be done with a database to make shorter URLs – or we can put a URL shortener on top of this right?