one upping py660 with a free ai site

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I uhh copied and modified a g4f gui, and I made it better :slight_smile:

It has umm web access, there is gpt 3, gpt 3 fast, and gpt 3 16k (I tried to get llama2 but I couldn’t, and gpt4 isn’t impossible but I’ll have to make it non forkable)

also: I have DoxrGPT on there, and the ai is a funny plastic robot

there are other jailbreaks, and…

stored chat messages, memory retaining

bad part is that it’s not stable, it may work one day and break the next, idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and yes I barely did anything I just wanted to post this other than minor UI changes and adding doxrgpt (and inference API is running too, I think it was /v2/completion or something)

and yes it’s kind of slow lol not my fault (or maybe it is)

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update: llama2 is idiot 2 lol, and then gpt-3.5 fast decided to break, so llama got replaced by text ada and gpt 3.5 was fixed (gpt-3.5 16k always worked :slightly_smiling_face:)

funny screenshot

idk if anybody cares but new update I thought that ADA was kind of goofy (like llama) but it is serious so I added davinci because it seemed goofier


Davinci is very gullible. That’s what PikaBot used to use and it was very easy to manipulate it into doing absolutely anything.