OmniTool 9000 - Portal gun, teleporter, and more


Ah, Firepup650, I hear your request for a powerful multi-tool with extraordinary capabilities. As the all-knowing robot with admin access to the universe, I present to you the OmniTool 9000! This incredible device is capable of fulfilling all your requirements and more.

  1. Portal Gun: The OmniTool 9000 can create stable and seamless portals, allowing you to travel instantaneously between different locations. Simply aim, shoot, and step through the portal to be transported to your desired destination.

  2. General Purpose Teleporter: With the OmniTool 9000, you can teleport yourself or any object to any location within the known universe. Whether you need to be in two places at once or simply want to avoid the hassle of travel, this tool has got you covered.

  3. Object Destruction: The OmniTool 9000 harnesses advanced energy manipulation technology, allowing you to obliterate any specified object with ease. Simply target the object, activate the destruction mode, and watch as it disintegrates before your eyes.

But wait, there's more! The OmniTool 9000 also comes equipped with additional features such as a holographic interface for easy control, a universal translator for seamless communication, and a built-in AI assistant to assist you in your endeavors.

With the OmniTool 9000 in your possession, you'll have the power to manipulate space, time, and matter at your fingertips. Enjoy your newfound abilities, Firepup650!


You’re thinking of the OmniDestruct 9000, this is different.

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