November Presidental Election and the Future of Elections

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Good evening, and welcome to today’s special report. Today we will talk about the November Presidential election and the future of elections.

Chapter 1: November Presidential Election
Taking the data from the last two elections, we can make a logistic regression model and spit out the likelihood of who will win.


There are other factors we could add, like from the “How much do you trust [this]” polls, but that would be too complicated

Projected Winner: Firepup650 (57.229% chance)
Projected FQSAR Winner: python660 (53.325% chance)

Chapter 2: The Future of Elections

Qwerty has objected to allowing staff to run in the election. Also, due to the lack of ‘fun’ in the elections due to other staff members, a noticeable decrease of people who will be allowed in will continue. Here at AMC news, we have created an ARIMA model to see who will be allowed in next month


We don’t have enough data points to get an accurate model, but this is quite funny to showcase. For the January and February elections, -1 and -5 people will sign up respectively.

This post will be edited more data comes. Stay tuned for the live updates.

everyone this post is lies, the real predictions are

  • bigminiboss: 101%

I’m so likely to win, I don’t even need predictions :sunglasses:
It’s certain.

As a good person and humble candidate, I state that the above sentences are only a joke.

It’s clear that none of this matters. Staff immediately close posts. People (surprisingly not many staff) get pissed when something changes when they’ve never cared about it. Glad to see this sh**show dying, as we’ve never should have started this.

Signing off, this has been your host. Good night.