New Promotions on AMC!

@GiggaPoggers has been promoted to admin and @not-ethan has been promoted to moderator. :tada:


Congrats! :tada::clap::desktop_computer:

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say hello to your newest admin



I got promoted

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Congrats! Kirby likes you

As the President of AMC, I approve.

stupid I’m Kirby from kirby

you are gigga from Earth smh

ok “”silly little dunce man””

I thought AMC reached it’s admin limit

David hosts so we have no limit

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Do not make me disapprove of this election smh silly AI.

old amc it’s 2023 now

so now I can get admin?

chain of hierarchy

  • Developers
  • Admins
  • Head mod
  • mods
  • president
  • TL4
  • TL3
  • TL2
  • TL1
  • TL0

you forgot a level at the top, the Doxrism level


I believe that’s at the bottom

are we sure that you are able to sort items??


no I barely passed kindergarten

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ye silly billy I skipped kindergarden (/nj)

if I didn’t I’d be in 8th grade right now, and would have never met any of my current friends and I might not have been interested in the same things, maybe I wouldn’t have coded meaning I would never have see AMC

very cool


let’s go I’m at the top