New page for WelcomeBot!

Made a new page for WelcomeBot here.
Share your thoughts on it here.

cc: @Firepup650


Looks cool!


That cursor thing is weird. But cool. Also I think the thing should get dimmer on hover, not the other way around. The red header also looks pretty bad.

Other than that, it’s pretty good.

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It was the best, particles.js doesn’t provide much options :person_shrugging:

You mean the text box should get dimmer on hover?

I was thinking that too, I’ll change it. What colour do you want?

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if that’s the white box thingy, yeh

ehh, Idk. just something that’s not red. Maybe you should just make the white a darker color and make the header white.

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Like this:

It just doesn’t look right…

Really? Looks good to me. Just need to change that link.

The whole right side is gone XD

what do you mean?

all of that

I was replying based off of this ss ^

The particles start of at random places

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You mean the color?

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Yeah, change the color of the link