NateDhaliwal's Presidential Campaign

Hi everyone!
You can vote for me in the October Presidential Elections because:

  1. I am a Python supporter. :man_technologist: (@python-loyalists Please vote!) Python is the best language! (Sorry APSP)
  2. I have experience. Ok, maybe not as a president, but I am was a admin and mod of TPR (@python660 Did the Docker fail?), and I am not a power-crazy maniac.
  3. I am on fire. Being a dog coding on a laptop that is on fire is not easy. The good part is that bugs are repelled. Dark mode is useless due to all the light and heat. (@fire Vote for me!)
  4. I’m a penguin. Quack. :penguin:

So vote for me guys!

P.S. I had to make sure that all grammar, spelling, and punctuation was correct, or I’ll have Qwerty hunting me down. (I use Oxford Commas btw)

P.P.S. Idk if it’s good to ping these groups, so I’d better apologise: Sorry staff! (I was contemplating to ping staff or not, but I may get a scolding so I’d better not. It’s like doing something while apologising for what you were doing)

I’m going to vote for NateDhaliwal
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Noooooooooooooooooo why @neoroll !?

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Python supporter… :roll_eyes:

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Ubuntu corrupted very badly, forensics failed, ended up installing Windows instead. Still trying to get files back.

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In that case, I’m changing my vote hehe…

Unless you join anti-py

I wonder why I thought you were cool

that was supposed to be a “roast” but I know it failed so I am sorry you are cool :cold_face: would you like to buy a sweater?


No thanks