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STEM Connection: Perseid Meteor Shower

Find a dark location and look up this weekend to see the best meteor shower of the year. The Perseid meteor shower peaks on Saturday, Aug. 12. This year, a waxing crescent Moon will make it possible to spot even faint meteors.

What Is a Meteor Shower?

In Depth: Perseid Meteor Shower

What’s Up? Skywatching Tips

Educator Professional Development

Asteroid Autumn Webinar
Audience: K-12 and informal educators
Event Date: Tuesday, Aug. 15, at noon EDT

This fall, a convergence of NASA science and exploration missions provide an opportunity to spark excitement about asteroids. On Sept. 24, OSIRIS-REx will return rocks and dust collected from an asteroid. Later this fall, Psyche will launch on a mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid. And on Nov. 1, the Lucy mission will have its first significant asteroid encounter.

In this session, participants will explore the science and technology behind these missions, what we hope to learn from them, and plans for public and student engagement.

Click here to register.

Professional Development Webinar – A Deep Dive Into the Psyche Mission and Deep Space Optical Communication
Audience: K-12 educators
Event Date: Tuesday, Aug. 15, at 7 p.m. EDT

The Psyche mission is set to launch in October on a journey to explore a unique metal-rich asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. The mission will also test a new laser communication technology that encodes data in photons at near-infrared wavelengths.

In this session, participants will get an overview of the science behind the mission and explore related education materials and opportunities to use in the classroom.

Click here to register.

Info Session: Branch Out With Artemis Moon Trees
Audience: All educators and community organizations
Event Date: Thursday, Aug. 17,
at 5 p.m. EDT

NASA’s Next Gen STEM project, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, is excited to start the school year with a unique opportunity. Nearly 2,000 tree seeds travelled around the Moon and back to Earth aboard the Orion spacecraft during the Artemis I mission. Education and community organizations are invited to attend an information session to learn how to apply for an Artemis Moon Tree Seedling through NASA’s Artifacts Module Program.

Additionally, as an educator, you can use the Moon Tree STEM Tool Kit to create interactive lessons around your Moon Tree or implement activities into your own STEM curriculum.

Notice of Funding Opportunity for
NASA Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions (TEAM II)

NASA is seeking proposals for the 2023 NASA TEAM II Community Anchor Awards and Full Awards. Eligible proposers include U.S. nonprofit science museums, planetariums, youth-serving organizations, and libraries.

Selected parties will offer inquiry- or experiential-based opportunities that include NASA education and research and directly align with space exploration, aeronautics, space science, Earth science, or microgravity. Click here for the full announcement.

Proposals for the Community Anchor Awards for TEAM II are due Tuesday, Aug. 15. Proposals for Full Awards for TEAM II are due Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Are You Up for a Challenge?

2024 NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge
Audience: Educators and students in grades 9-12 and higher education
Proposal Deadline: Sept. 21

NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC) is accepting proposals for its 2024 competition – its 30th competition year! Student teams are challenged to design, build, test, and compete with a human-powered rover capable of traversing challenging terrains and a specialty tool for completing simulated Artemis mission tasks. Teams earn points by presenting designs and documentation to expert panels, engaging with other students in STEM education, and successfully completing course obstacles and mission tasks at the in-person culminating event. The challenge will be held April 19-20, 2024, in Huntsville, Alabama.

NASA MUREP Innovation and Technology Transfer Idea Competition
Audience: Multidisciplinary student teams enrolled at HBCUs and Minority Serving Institutions
Fall 2023 Submission Deadline: Oct.16

The NASA Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) Innovation and Tech Transfer Idea Competition (MITTIC) invites students of all majors to bring their ideas for innovative uses of NASA technology.

Teams choose any NASA intellectual property as the basis of their concept and submit proposals using MITTIC challenge guidelines. Top teams are invited to pitch their ideas in the Space Tank as part of a three-day on-site experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Space Tank winners will receive $20,000 for first place and $10,000 for second place. The top team will receive a VIP trip to the NASA Ames Experience in Silicon Valley, California.

Interested teams can learn more at hourlong info sessions on Mondays and Thursdays at 1 p.m. EDT.

More Resources to Explore

Take an Interactive Journey With the WeatherSats AR App
Audience: Weather and satellite enthusiasts of all ages

The newest app from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA takes users on an interactive journey to learn about weather-monitoring satellites. Using immersive Augmented Reality (AR), users are challenged to complete a series of missions, starting with an interactive journey into space to see the satellites orbiting Earth. View the satellites’ instruments up close to see how they work and transmit data from space to a system of ground stations on Earth. Then end with a personalized weather forecast. Available now for download to mobile devices.

Help Scientists Spot Lunar Surface Changes With MoonDiff
Audience: Science enthusiasts of all ages

NASA’s new volunteer science project lets you help researchers learn about the Moon’s dynamic surface.

Orbiting spacecraft have taken photographs of the lunar surface since the 1960s. MoonDiff tasks users with comparing images of the same lunar surface location from two different missions to look for changes.

Participants might spot new craters, landslides, spacecraft impacts, and more.

Opportunities With Our Partners
ReachU Challenge
Submission Deadline: 6 p.m. EDT on
Friday, Aug. 25

Department of Energy: National Nuclear Security Administration Minority Serving Institutions Internship
Application Deadline: Oct. 22

2023 National HBCU Week Conference: Sept. 24-28
Registration Open

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