My new coloured-logs Node package

I made a npm package called coloured-logs that basically gives you functions to log to the console with some colour! It also has a timestamp feature.

Here is the link:

Quickstart if you’re too busy to read

NPM installation:

$ npm install coloured-logs

Package usage:

const cons = require("coloured-logs");

cons.success("Message sent!");"Request received!");
cons.error("Could not process file");
cons.response("Request returned status 200");
cons.server("Server listening on port 3000");

Please give feedback/bug reports by replying to this post, thanks :grin:

(I’ve also posted this on Ask)


wait so u copy pasted-


so it is like chalk but easier to use?


you should add custom color changing in a config json file or something

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Yeah, that’s a nice idea. I’ll add that soon.