lists of adjectives

curious about how you exist? basically what you think of different people, or like how you’d describe them

no mean things because that’s mean but don’t say something like “stubborn” is mean if you actually are stubborn, this kind of counts for thing like “dumbs***” and other nonsense like that

  • not-ethan

    • The most powerful being ever
    • Grim cycle master
    • Knows everything about everyone and anything that ever or will ever exist
  • RedCoder (aka BluCoder)

    • smart
    • smarter than u
    • (usually) nice
    • very cool
    • better than not-ethan
  • doxr:

    • awesome
    • rizzfulless
    • great human in general
    • sus :amongus:
  • SnakeByte:

    • Sometimes serious, sometimes silly
    • Hates python
  • parker:

    • kind of repetitive
  • Firepup:

    • watchful
    • very lazy
    • uncoordinated (breaks production a lot)
  • python660:

    • asian
    • invisible chars
  • GiggaPoggers

    • silly lil guy
    • last admin on earth
  • 9pfs

    • resourceful
    • Linux expert
    • nginx-er
  • Qwerty

    • Gramor expert
    • Only being with the right to correct Ethan’s grammar
  • TheHackerDude1083:

    • Kind
    • Resourceful
    • Intelligent
    • The only one capable of controlling the drone named Cal
    • Secretive
  • Darkshayan / Codershayan:

    • Likes and hates python
    • The Griddy & Sturdy Expert
    • Beta Tester
    • Got invited to a Mrbeast Gaming Event, but was not online:(
    • Codes in HTML, CSS, Java, Python, SQL, and is a master at scratch.
  • Parker2991:

    • a guy that does random crap
    • a rando

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you can get sturdy (still sounds kinda sus, idk if I said it correctly)?? you’re a master at it?!?! can you do it good??? will you post it on youtube and share the video

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Yes I did I was just tring to make a joke…