Karma leaderboard (NOT cheers)

When someone finds something out for the first time (can be a dumb moment, the funnier the better), post an example here and award them one point. You can also deduct one point from them as well.

Awarder Awardee Quote Value
@python660 @yyshen Is the SSAT like the SAT +1
@9pfs @doxr does this mean that I’m sus :sob: +1
@python660 @doxr J Joking is not the same as kiddin -1
@python660 @OmegaOrbitals Wrong forum blud -1
@python660 @doxr yay no carma +1
@OmegaOrbitals @python660 Wrong forum blud -1
@Firepup650 @python660 *is -1
@python660 @OmegaOrbitals Why didn’t you decrease your points Python >:( -1
@python660 @Firepup650 You can’t ding someone else’s karma for their own post. Make your own if you want to do that. -1
(personal note to FP: You don’t get it , do you? BTW This is my post.
@python660 @Firepup650 Nah mate the servers are dead now. :laughing:
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prize: you get roasted by the infamous doxr

yay no carma

+1 karma lol

Why didn’t you decrease your points Python >:(

no because it wasn’t the wrong forum.

You will have your negative karma on the post if I have to lock the post.

Oh I already have negative karma in real life :thinking_yang:

hold up is karma good or bad and can I set timer to 69 years

Karma is good (RIZZed Up)

rizz gone

@Firepup650 You don’t understand… its a system where person A notices personB and puts person B onto the leaderboard.

Every post so far has gotten a ±1 karma reply, so I expect(ed) that format to be continue to be used.

Also, by your own rules you can’t ding 5 points for one post, so I will be overridding that.


Nah mate the servers are dead now.