Just a Few More Cheers

Just like 20-30 more cheers

Ey you Like This Post and Like My Replies Ya No Choice bud


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Fun fact: the AMC staff actually considered manually awarding a generous amount of cheers to @not-ethan at one point because he’s so cool.

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That’s possible? The election was rigged.


Of course. We have server access. We can manually edit config files although it might’ve been some other way.

Which election? Everyone knew Ethan would become a moderator here. He is inevitable.


keep going!

You arnt beating me lol.

Also @CoderElijah why not just use the API endpoint? How to integrate Discourse Gamification with an external system (redeem and award points) - developers - Discourse Meta

I couldn’t remember how they were going to do it so I suggested a probable theory. :kekw: That’s probably what it was because I think we were hosted by Discourse at the time.