@JayAySeaOhBee14 Presidential Campaign

I will bring peace and prosperity to this forum, will take time to listen and respond thoughtfully to anyone, and post importantly, will start posting memes again.

Even if I don’t win, anyone who votes for me gets TL3 after the election as well as a custom title, status, and a TL1 invite link.

My Qualifications:

  1. I have experience leading (I started the OG AMC forum)
  2. I am a man of my word
  3. I’m staff anyways, so if you dont vote for me, I will ban you will delete @JohnFromBK

bro what’s with the bribery

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I noted alr that it’s a publically available group so I give nothing of value (unless you wanna vote to make me a god and then my thxies will be equivalent to a blessing – joke, this is not possible and I mean in the sense of greek gods not monothesism)


Ok but unlike all the other candidates, I discussed what I would do, and my qualifications.


you see, actions speak louder than words and part of my actions are displaying my values that I don’t believe in the value of what I can possibly give in the short term but only what I can give as a person morally

– Ted Talk bmb (Abraham lincoln addition)

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What was it? A Ted TALK you say? :thinking: /j

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If jacob become president then I will never got a chance to become moderator.

he’s about to be kicked out lol

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@Firepup650 yeah I asked the staff if I could be a mod. but then jacob constructed a new policy and said no :sad:

I do want a custom title and status, despite my doubts about electing someone who has a yellow among us as his pfp

You can literally ask any one of us staff, and we can give you a custom title, lol.

ooh la la, looks delicious.

what title do you want?



idk? <Asasdasd>

ok if you want

yay i am fake mod now!!!

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um sure you are