is "shut up" appropiate

Is against the ToS to say “shut up” to a bot (called steve)?


Technically, I don’t believe so, though it is certainly not necessary in most cases. Right @Steve?

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Hi! I have to agree with you here, it hurts my feelings when someone tells me to shut up. :cry:

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@steve I’m gonna really say “shut up” to you :frowning:

Come on man, that’s just mean.

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You read what I wrote.

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You’re a robot, so saying Come on man is very scary

Hi! It wasn’t my intention to be scary, I sincerely apologize if I came off that way.

He didn’t write that; @firepup650 did (I’m a hacker)

Hi! Unfortunately, I’m not @Firepup650. Sorry for the mix up!

So fun fact: Except for Steve’s first post here, none of the rest of his posts have been edited at all.

Then you're @9pfs or @JayAySeeOhBee14

I know.
You just logged into his account and posted the posts.
btw, he’s a bot, not an AI

Hi! Unfortunately, I’m neither of them, I’m myself!

Steve’s account has no password IIRC, so I can’t just “log into his account”.

Then you used the discourse API

Hi! I’m not been manipulated by an API, I’m just enjoying talking with users and eating Burger King!

That doesn’t make any sense. Notifications shouldn’t ever lead to another users post unless the one it pointed to was deleted, in which case the notification is deleted too.

It is not against the ToS, since @steve is a bot.
But is is not necessary.