Is It Just me or is it Christmas-y Here

For some reason I think it feels kinda like christmas whenever I visit the forum. I guess it’s just me probably. Also I think I’m hallucinating bc everyone is wearing a santa hat???


you’re hallucinating.

Dear @doxr,

We have recently noticed that you are using light mode on certain websites which have the option of dark mode. Please note this is against the AMC community guidelines which explicitly states:

If we find evidence of you using light mode again, we will have no choice but to take action against you. This can involve trust level demotion, temporary account suspension, permanent account deletion, or even legal prosecution in federal court.

At AMC, we take matters like this VERY seriously to keep the community safe and civil.

So we kindly ask that you discontinue the use of light mode and immediately use dark mode, to keep AMC a fair and civil community, and welcome to all.

Thanks and regards,
The Dark Mode Users of AMC, AKA The AMC firing squad

I love how quick that response came XD


I already gave my response to that :frowning:

oh yeah lol you have to worry about being caught. Just use dark mode on everything smh


Well done Admins/mods :clap:

google classroom dark mode is crazy

fake that is an inspect elemnt grr

no its real

Whoever made this theme (discourse-santa-theme) should be fired:

I can literally see mod and admin panels smh

You can’t even change the theme back from the bottom-left, you have to go all the way to preferences to change it

yea i tried that one and the two santa hats on ur profie was so annoying that i didnt even both to see what the rest of the site looks like

alien person stole your device and did some hacking

You must have set your theme to “Ask (Christmas)” in settings. After Thanksgiving all themes will look like that.

Honestly I like the theme well done

I forgot how to change it back please help