Introducing Myself: Anirudh Sriram - Lego Lover, Coding Aficionado, and Tech Explorer!

Hey there, I’m Anirudh Sriram! I’m all about embracing the exciting world of technology and coding, and I’m thrilled to connect with all of you who share my passion.

My journey with tech started at a young age, and believe it or not, it all began with a few Lego pieces. I vividly remember crafting a cute minion out of them when I was just 4 years old. That was the spark that ignited my love for building and coding with Lego, and I’ve been on a thrilling ride ever since.

As I grew up, my Lego adventures evolved. My dad’s gift of a Lego Classic kit opened up endless possibilities, and when my grandpa gave me a Lego Boost kit, I was over the moon. I could now program motors and sensors, bringing my Lego creations to life with block programming. To share my excitement, I started a YouTube channel called “Anirudh’s Toys Review,” where I showcased my fantastic Lego creations to a wider audience.

But that was just the beginning. Then I discovered the incredible world of Lego Mindstorms. This advanced kit allowed me to build even more sophisticated robots and dive into coding using Python through EV3Dev. Text-based programming became my playground, and I dove into projects using OpenCV, Tensorflow, GPT, Azure AI, and more. Guess what? I’ve amassed over 100 projects, each a stepping stone in my learning journey.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m officially the youngest Microsoft Powerplatform and Azure AI certified individual globally? Yep, I’m super proud of that achievement, and it’s a testament to my dedication and hard work in these domains.

But wait, there’s more! I’m not just about coding. I’ve explored no-code/low-code app development, tinkered with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Linux, and even collaborated with Bosch on a cutting-edge AI-based autonomous car project. Talk about hands-on experience! This project allowed me to apply my skills to a real-world challenge and make a tangible impact.

Speaking of impact, I’ve delved into ethical aspects of AI too. I penned a research paper on face swapping for autonomous cars, digging deep into issues like privacy and AI bias in this emerging field. It’s important to me that technology evolves responsibly.

When I’m not knee-deep in tech, I’m grooving to electronic music and sharing my creations on my personal website and social media. You can find me active on Replit, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where I love connecting with fellow tech enthusiasts and sharing insights.

So, here I am in this fantastic community, excited to meet all of you and share my journey. Let’s connect, learn from each other, and build an inclusive space where we can all thrive. Feel free to introduce yourselves, share your interests, and let’s embark on this tech adventure together!


Nice introduction! btw I’m also Asian


Thanks, that’s cool!

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Off-topic: Is @SnakeyKing from Singapore? One of the more English-speaking countries in Singapore.

@techwithanirudh amazing intro! Wow, you’ve done more that I have done… you’re so experienced.
Oh btw I’m also a Lego fan.

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Thanks a lot!

Nice intro! Though there’s a faint whiff of GPT…

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Thanks, lol!

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I have no memories without my LEGO bricks. I had Duplo bricks and Mega Blocks (you know, the toddler versions) but I have no memories without this one LEGO set in its big tub that it came with. I never got LEGO robots though :sob:. I love my LEGO bricks and have thousands but no robots :slightly_frowning_face:.

Anyway, you are very accomplished and good job!


No. btw I moved to Australia

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Aha. You moved. From somewhere to Australia.

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@qwerty I have two things for you:

  1. I can make a brand name plural with an “s”. “LEGOs” is a real word.
  2. How on earth did you put that message in the edit history!?!?

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Cool! Now we can have hidden public conversations.

Not quite hidden

it’s not that deep bro

my laptop doesn’t seem to think so


either way even if it did you can’t just make a brand name plural man

Who cares what your laptop thinks? Hasn’t ChatGPT shown us that computers are not to be trusted with such matters?

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I have a lego robot

btw I have legos too
1 big robot
2 dragons
1 little robot (size of a logo human)
few humans