Installing Linux on a Samsung Phone

I acquired a Samsung Epic 4G phone for $5. I would like to erase Android and install Linux on it. Any ideas?

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If I succeed it will be a really cool portable Linux machine with a touchscreen and a built-in keyboard.

Going to try to tail standard android root instructions for a bit, first order of business would be to open settings, go to “About Phone”, enable developer options[1], then enable “Allow Unlocking of bootloader” (Or a similarly named setting)

  1. Tap build number 7 times ↩︎

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No matter how many times I tap on the build number I don’t get developer options. How else can I get to that setting? I think it’s Android 4. I’ll get more info shortly.

Model SPH-D700
Firmware 2.3.6
Build Number Gingerbread.FC09
Hardware D700.0.5

Try opening “Applications”, then look for “Development”.

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No such app.

Oh wait I found it in settings.

Connected via abd. :tada:

What’s next?

Is there an option in there for “bootloader”? (Should mention “Unlocking”)

Development options are USB Debugging, Stay Awake, and Allow Mock Locations. I can also install apps fom unknown sources.

Definitely enable the debugging one, that’s required.

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Have you looked at Running Linux on Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4g on Reddit ?

I ran into that once but it’s not too helpful.
I enabled USB debugging and Stay Awake.

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I mean maybe this would work but I’m not used to hacking mobile devices.

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Normal route here for unlocking runs through a windows EXE, I’m not sure how Linux will like it.

Looked around and found this:

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I know how to connect to a device via ADB on Linux. I’ve sideloaded apps that way. Thanks though.

Alright. Lemme pull a few things.