IG @qirtaiba1 is on Ask Mod duty

@qirtaiba1 (head of replit security) responded to my flag for a duplicate post :eyes:


When the head of trust and safety responds, you know it’s a big deal. /j
He probably happened to be online and saw a flag so he handled it.


Yay it happened to me too!

Also that post was a necropost. Last post: January. This post: November.

Oh I flagged that post too, lmao

Well I flagged it too. :slight_smile:

why put his instagram on the title lol

silly sus doxr

why yall confused, it says β€œIG @qirtabia1”

Because I’m not on Instagram. Thanks for the clarification.

afaik when people advert their account it goes IG @<name> so yeah