I was hacked, someone was sending messages as me and I literally couldn't prove it wasn't me

some guy has my account and somehow he can message even after david logged all accounts out and some localstorage nonsense, so 1. whoever is on get the hell off and 2. if I do any sus things it might not have been me

nobody believes me they think I’m trolling but I literally can’t prove my innocence, so what’s up? :sad:


:nerd_face: :point_up_2: uhm achtuwalee watch this post get edited if you’re still “hacked” and don’t have multiple personality disorder lmao

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Oh no I was joking about the localStorage thing, although it’s quite odd that you didnt immediately change your password


go to profile > security then see logged in ips



it’s giving me this:

it hasn’t even been 10 seconds since sending the email and it goes to my spam


lol l bozo but still maybe they’re gone?



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but I still don’t want my account hacked

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well you just did so congratulations

hey panini dont you be a meanie

you spelled extension wrong.

There’s a large chance you’re being impersonated by an admin.

I thought that too but david clarified that there was apparently nobody on my account (checked security) and logged out all sessions multiple times, but it happened literally less than a second after I logged in or I would have seen the impersonator’s IP and device but no it was only me who was active

which is why he thought I was trolling, but later he got an idea of who it could be apparently but he won’t tell me

They don’t have to be on your account to impersonate. They just have to be on you’re account to do so, and discourse most likely won’t show the IPs of who’s online.

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  • Doxr’s account wasn’t hacked
  • Somebody used something to send messages as doxr
  • I know who did it
  • I refuse to say who did it.
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I will hack you! I will politely ask you who it was:)

Literally the stupidest sentence I’ve ever read this month.

bro sql lol?

i’ll put… uhh… 5 iguanas in your pillow at night if you don’t take that back

I’ll take 300 snakes, cut them all in half (top to bottom, not left to right), and put all of the left side parts in your socks