I Used to be a mod

i was searching through my old screenshots in my files and I found this

I found it and its from a while back

idk if I was a mod but then I went offline and lost it or somethin

that was probably 9pfs’s discourse instance from the theme?

ah i see…but

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isnt kinda strange? :thinking:

i was a mod there :open_mouth:

why ain’t i a mod heeere? :grey_question:

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  1. why you talkig like tiktok
  2. 9pfs was a lot looser with the rules on that one
  1. thats how tiktok talks?

  2. . . . uhm . . . it was online alot tho so that must’ve been why. . . but I also promised him I would be a good mod . . . hm . . . i was a pretty good mod . . . idk how to think this . . . if I’ve been here even longer then anyone . . . i would have TL4 by now even mod . . . but I’m not even required for TL3 but I’ve been here so long (since the beginning) . . . hm . . .

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? no

  1. only counts like last 100 days
  2. you have been active for like a week
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ye all my accounts are older than his (ask, replit, amc)

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a mod once will be a mod forever in (someone’s) heart, not mine because I don’t remember you getting mod lol

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i left remember :skull:

for replit im not sure, or maybe u are amma check

wait a second howd u find my ask ACC? its very anonymous rn


youve been there so long didnt even customize ur profile

I didn’t I just joined so early it’s basically impossible for you to be before me unless you are qwerty, sonicx, or dooms

well my bio got deleted bc I got banned for it

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Or Ethan. He joined over a year before you.

He was also invited by himself lol.


So was I, on every forum I’m on.

I am invited by @bigminiboss. :smiley:

ethan has been there way longer then I have :skull: I didn’t compare myself to him

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i was invited by… No One