I Made The Frying Pan and it Attacked CoderElijah

Yeah its my fault @CoderElijah was attacked by my creation

I was in science class and I made him able to walk and hit random people
then I watched as it broke @CoderElijah’s nose and I fleed when he got a concussion, I grabbed my pan and destroyed it, and @CoderElijah was expelled

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its ok I forgive you

Is this cause and effect? I was expelled because you destroyed the evil frypan?

i am not sorry and it was the pans fault

it was actually the schools fault for making you go to school

no wait it was the government’s fault for making you go to school

uhm wait no it was the colonies’ fault because they fought to make America if they didn’t then you wouldn’t be in the same position meaning you wouldn’t have gone to CE’s school meaning the pan wouldn’t attack ce

actually it’s pangea’s fault because it started continental drift and that is why you were forced to live in America because history brought you here, but if it didn’t continental drift then globalization would have been less of a thing which would have resulted in less communication/interaction/whatever which means you wouldn’t have been in CE’s school as he could have been anywhere on the earth instead of having the water encouraging people to move a lot

actually it’s the big bang’s fault because it happened to create earth with life which would mean school which means that you’d have to live on earth with CE which means that the pan can attack him

actually it’s the fault of existence and time altogether, if nothing existed, the pan wouldn’t have existed, so ce wouldn’t have his nose broken

whole essay Questioning how life and literal existence? i like it :100:

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Actually, it was your fault. You created a mind-boggling essay to distract from the fact that it was you who gave sentience to the evil frying pan and commanded it to assault me in a fit of rage. Clever but not quite clever enough.

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dang it how did you know


I told @doxr to do that using mind controlling and that big red impersonate button