I am a door to door salesman

Hello, would you like to buy some of the amazing products that I have to offer?

We have (Anti-Python exclusives):

  • 152.99$: A bomb that will go off if a person programming with anything other than python is in a 5 foot radius
  • !SPECIAL! 0.00$: A brain (Will make you love python)
  • 1,591.99$: A dad (Lost when you started hating python, doesn’t mean he’ll love you tho, you’ll have to stop hating python for that to happen)
  • 0.99$: Grass (Go touch it)
  • 15.99$: Air
  • 0.00$: Some egg noodles with vienna sausages (I can’t stop eating it)
  • 0.00$: 1GB ram + 1 core = 1fps in python (Just some facts)

Regular stuff:

  • 3.99$: Small Popcorn
  • 4.99$: Medium Popcorn
  • 5.99$: Large Popcorn
  • 3.99$: Small Soda
  • 4.99$: Medium Soda
  • 5.99$: Large Soda
  • 8.99$: One ticket
  • 15.99$: Two tickets (SALE)
  • 20.99$: Three tickets (Best deal)
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is this the clown on python thread because even though I use python because I know it the best out of all the langs I know and for ease of use, I have a lot things I clown on it and I really don’t think it’s perfect

I did not post this here, why is this here?

If you didn’t post it, then how would it be here at all?

Also, why don’t you have a status?

I posted this in the pro python mafia, not the anti python mafia, https://amcforum.wiki/t/i-am-a-door-to-door-salesman/506/

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And why would I need a status?

Because they are nice? And you could put “Being a door to door salesman” in it or something.

And what happened to my mod perms, :noooooooooooooooooooo:

so like for anti py people do they just hate python or fo you need to love JavaScript because JavaScript is also flawed

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they never existed

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or did they

don’t unlist it

well we ran out of mod slots so I don’t think it’s possible

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Okay. I will list it then.

I’ll just go back to figuring out why this solar panel isn’t working

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do you want a picture?

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awfully suspicious

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Well that’s strange. It doesn’t say that on any other topic.

still a moderator, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, of the anti-python group