How to tell if your Operating System is corrupted

  1. Check to see if Microsoft Corporation or Apple or any subsidy owns it. If they do, it is bad.
  2. Check to see if it is open source without any requirements to get it other than a basic internet connection. If it needs more than an internet connection, it is bad.
    If your copy of your operating system is bad: install linux

mine is owned by apple lol

Then it’s not windows, but it’s still bad.

your bad

what about CPU type, computer storage, etc?

You don’t need a specific CPU type to download source code.

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but to install it… ubuntu x86_64 doesn’t work on AMD, and doesn’t run on 0.1 MB storage

ubuntu = corporate shit, avoid it at all cost.

Avoid it because it’s made by a cooperation with ‘corporate shit’?

Ubuntu is free and open-source and many distros are based on it. It’s also well supported. It’s also a distro that helped migrate people from Windows and Macintosh to Linux. My first distro was Zorin OS, which was based on Ubuntu. It was very stable.

I dislike Ubuntu because of the advertising in your terminal (Ubuntu Pro and whatnot), but I find it good for production and some desktop use cases (like in schools because of the better apt support). Ubuntu seems to have better support for non-FOSS software, which you still kind of have to use for school and other environments, so that’s also a pro in my book.

You can get rid of that advertising using this command[1]:

sudo pro config set apt_news=false
sudo rm /etc/update-motd.d/88-esm-announce
sudo systemctl disable ubuntu-advantage

  1. Taken from How to get rid of Ubuntu Pro advertisement when updating apt? ↩︎


Where did you hear that Ubuntu x86_64 doesn’t work on AMD? It should work on any Intel or AMD CPU so long as it is 64-bit and not ARM (I don’t think Intel or AMD make ARM CPUs so that should help). Any PC or laptop 15 years old or newer should have a x86_64 CPU unless it’s a niche item (like those Samsung ARM CPU Chromebooks). The only issue is that the default Ubuntu is very resource-hungry so you’d need a semi-powerful CPU and no less than 4GB RAM to effectively run it.

So if Google has been partnered to Canonical for a decade, why do Chromebooks not run the far more versatile Ubuntu operating system? Also I knew that Replit ran on Ubuntu, but now I know it must be Ubuntu Pro. So Replit $$$ → Google $$$ → Canonical $$$$$$. Canonical must be loaded by now.

Ubuntu is a very nice distro for beginners and regardless it better than Windows.

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Ubuntu’s package repos run Docker in a f***ing sandbox. It is not sane enough for serious use.

Still better than Windows, no? I’d contend better than WSL as well (unless you need to run Windows apps).

9pfs’ current arguments against Ubuntu:

  • Snap is bad (it is but that’s not entirely a Ubuntu problem)
  • Ubuntu’s parent company is “money hungry” (let’s devalue the work of others that contribute to Ubuntu, making it good for servers and desktop)
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This man David is the wisest man on earth AMC

sorry i meant x86_64 vs ARM.

yeah ubuntu didn’t even have snap preinstalled

ubuntu preinstalls snap now.


nah bro