How do you think?

I was today years old when I found out that not everyone thinks the same as me.

For me, it’s like, silently reading. Idk, hard to describe. But apparently some people hear a voice, picture things, feel emotions connected to that thing they are thinking of, etc.

Another interesting test is trying to visualize an apple.

Close your eyes and think of an apple. What do you see?


I don’t really understand this one, I mean obviously you can’t really see it. I mean, I think of it. I, like, remember looking at these images. But I can’t see them, obviously, because my eyes are closed.

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this means you don’t have an inner voice which is actually a very rare conditions. The majority of people read with something like an inner voice which they hear in their head.


Some gifted people are even able to manipulate several 3d objects spinning in their head.

If I think of an apple I just see an image of an apple? I visualize it with the twig poking out the top, the grains on the peel and the shadows. It’s like a stock photo. I can’t imagine why people would see a minecraft apple when they think of apples.

You mean like being able to visualize a cow, rotate it, split it in half, zoom in etc?


I’m able to picture a 3 apple. Sometimes it’s like a paper cutout.

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I’m number three. I can never visualize color fully for some reason.

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2 and 3 sometimes. It appears in color but it fades out quick

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i do that

sometimes 3 when im reading but if I need to think of an apple specifically then a 5 but some memories have a 1 quality

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I see the apples in the picture because you provided a picture.

Why I never knew my brain was an apple :bigbrain: