How do I set up DN42?

I looked at the documentation and its unclear how to set it up? could someone help me?


First, add an AS to, then set up peerings with other users + BGP.

You could maybe get dn42 access through the tilde, rather than setting up your own AS

Could I route it through something so I can just use it in my browser without using anything else?

You’d have to set up some kind of VPN connection to a server that already has dn42 access.

Here’s the idea I’m having: Use a SSH Tunnel on the tilde, and then use that to access dn42.

Could that work?

Maybe, it’s probably worth a try.

SOLUTION FOUND (im not going to be like a person whos not gonna say the solution on stack overflow)
Run ssh -D 1337 -N -C <yourtildeusername> -p 6022 and use this setup on firefox.

you can find it at about:preferences under Network Settings.

Now, it’s time to play Clicker42.

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One problem: you’re sending all of your internet traffic through the tilde (do a quick google search for the weather, lol)

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That’s a good idea, maybe do SSH over Tailscale to avoid the detour through Europe and @aboutdavid’s email server

Good idea. So do I just change to tilde?

Just use the Tailscale IP on port 22


where is IP lol

The tilde’s currently down, so it doesn’t matter much